Friday, 12 June 2009


The Daily Express on Thursday 11th June gave a report that MIDDLE-CLASS pensioners should be taxed on their winter fuel allowance or even banned from claiming it altogether, MPs allegedly said on the 10th June. (Read the article here).

Isn't this typical? We have a banking crisis in which the Bankers, the very people responsible for the catastrophe, received millions of pounds in pay-offs. Worse, the Banks were bailed out to the tune of not, millions friends, not billions friends, but in some cases trillions of pounds.

Yet when we asked for the link with earnings to be restored, we were told that it was not affordable.

It is clear that the money was there and very affordable but not for the Pensioners.

It is MPs who have milked their own system (65% of them at least) in getting benefits by the most, in many cases, fraudulent means and yet MPs now say middle-class pensioners should be taxed on their fuel allowance. Perhaps our memories are at fault here, so forgive us for observing that it was the middle-class pensioners (the better off of the elderly in the UK) who had their pension funds raided or penalised by the Inland Revenue new tax laws.

It is the same old story, when in trouble hit the old. The old cannot hit back. The old cannot riot or protest very easily. IT IS TODAY'S OLD who have paid more than any other section of society. By virtue of their age it follows they have paid over a longer period and therefore have contributed more than any other section of our society. They have also fought and endured two world wars but this is of no account.

The fact that this nasty idea is levelled at the perhaps better off pensioner is totally irrelevant. Middle-class Pensioners feel the cold just like any other and have to pay for it.

It is an iniquitous idea, this of taxing the elderly and shows a total lack of honour but should we expect anything else from a house of representatives who fiddle and claim for non-existent mortgages, pornographic films and duck ponds. They have no real conception of the word. It is greed, pure greed, which appears to reign in the House of Commons. Honour does not come into it.

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