Friday, 29 August 2008

Centenary play

A word drama outlining the events leading to the grant of a National Pension has been created by members of the GLPA and will be presented to various groups and affiliates on request. Interested? Let us know.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

UTILITIES - A comfort or a headache?

With the coming of winter, most of us will be dreading turning the heating on when we most need it. At a time when the utility companies are posting record profits, isn't it time that instead of relying on Government, they developed a social conscience? What do you think, come and discuss with us at our meetings.

Boris, we note your efforts...

Before Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London, he told us that the Freedom Pass would be maintained. We now understand that not only is Boris maintaining the pass but in accordance with his pre-election promise he is aiming to extend it to 24 hours.

With ever increasing pressures on our pensions, the Freedom Pass is entirely about our freedom to lead our lives actively so we welcome Boris's efforts and await to see whether he is successful in his endeavours.


The elderly are too easily forgotton by the MPs so part of our campaign strategy to gain respect is to remind MPs on a regular basis that we are still ALIVE and deserving of their attention. Accordingly, we regularly picket the Houses of Parliament (fair weather permitting).

See our second post.