Sunday, 9 October 2011



How will pensioners cope with Con-Dem cuts and policies?

Come to our Conference on Saturday 12th November from 10 a.m. to 4 SOMERS TOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE, 15O OSSULSTON STREET,KINGS CROSS Entrance £3 with Buffet Lunch provided.

Invited Speakers:

STEPHEN BENTON - London Councils and Freedom Pass

Prof. STEVE ILIFFE -Primary Care and Population Health

JAY GINN - Women's Pensions

Invitations have gone out to other prospective speakers including Ken Livingstone.

All welcome. Another year has passed since our last open Conference and still we soldier on. Come along and make your contribution. It is a chance to voice your anxieties,observations and comments, besides proposals affecting the ever increasing number of Pensioners in the UK.

We are told that we are all in this together, something we didn't need reminding of. Fuel poverty will be more widespread and the cost of basic foodstuffs spiralling. The NHS is undergoing significant changes, not all to the benefit of the elderly. We have plenty to speak about so come along and let us hear your voice.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bowel cancer - know the signs

Some of you may be aware of an organisation called "The Link". This was set up mainly to give the public via affiliated members, an opportunity of raising health issues and obtaining more information about the NHS and attendant matters.  In Havering, we have a very hard-working branch which holds many meetings and is indebted to its secretary Joan Smith.

The last meeting's set of minutes had with its enclosures details of symptoms of bowel cancer and although this is not a pleasant subject, I thought it worth our while to know a little more about it and to be very aware of its effects.  What should be stressed is that if you have any concerns in this regard, please do not ignore them and close your eyes.

It was mentioned that many people do nothing about worrying signs because they are afraid, embarrassed or do not want to waste their GP's time.  Well the answer to this is that embarrassment should never stop anyone from consulting their GP.   He, after all, is used to "bodies" of all sorts and is only interested in their workings.  It is NEVER a waste of time to ask your doctor about any anxieties you may have. He will be only too pleased that you have shown courage in coming forward and by doing so, have probably caught the disease in good time.

Finally, there is the fear, and one's imagination running riot. If you can grit your teeth, pick up the telephone, you are halfway there. Someone at the other end will be only too pleased to make an appointment and put your mind at rest. After all, your fear and discomfort will be so much worse if you ignore any nasty signs so that they become reality. An early diagnosis can put a stop to all this.

Always remember that many cancers are now treatable especially if caught in the early stages, so make that phone call or go along to your doctor's surgery and whatever the outcome, you will get rid of that nasty anxiety of not knowing.

First, you need to know what exactly bowel cancer is. It is a disease of the large bowel (colon) or rectum. It is also sometimes called colorectal or colon cancer. It affects both men and women and is most common in people over 50 years of age.

So here are the important signs to take note of:-
  • Bleeding from the bottom.
  • Persistent changes in the bowel habit such as diarrhoea or loose stools.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • A lump in the tummy.
  • Weight loss.
  • Tiredness.
  • Unexplained iron deficiency.
Now it is a known fact that people who read medical books or journals imagine, as a result, that they have all sorts of things wrong with them. However, any of the above should be given serious thought.

Before you become completely depressed, if you think you have bowel cancer symptoms, such as bleeding from the rectum, remember, you may be suffering from a polyps or cyst. If your bowel movements are irregular, you may simply have an irritable bowel. None of these things may be life threatening, but a word with your GP may reveal them to be treatable and if your worst suspicions are confirmed, then you will have caught the trouble early and given yourself a much better chance of a good outcome.

So please pick up the phone and put yourself on the road to knowing exactly what is wrong, if anything, and what the next step will be. You will feel happier to know where you stand and give the medical profession a chance to put things right which is what they all want to do.

Don't waste time grasp the nettle and if necessary, drag someone along with you which may give you the moral courage you need.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Jeremy Corbyn MP
1st April 2011 is the date and if you want to know more come and join us at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. at 2.30 p.m. until 5.30 p.m.
Jeremy Corbyn MP, John Cryer MP, Bob Crow (RMT) Mark Serwotka (PCS) A member of UK Uncut, are speakers and should make this meeting one of particular interest to the older generation.
Here is our chance to put questions, suggest solutions and responses to the recent events not only on the Home Front but also on an International level for, as we know, what happens out there also affects us here in the UK.
This is part of the continuing fight-back against this Con-Dem government in which we as pensioners, must play our part.
We need pensioners, retired trade union members, trade union branches and trades councils' representatives to come along and ensure our success.
As the year progresses and this government pursues its unscrupulous policies of cuts and punitive measures against the vulnerable and needy, we shall find that gatherings of this sort are invaluable weapons to secure some form of security for us all.

Sunday, 13 February 2011



Assemble at 11 am. on Victoria Embankment, between Temple Place and Blackfriars, TO MARCH TO A RALLY IN HYDE PARK.

Our chance to say NO to unfair and unnecessary spending cuts which will not affect the rich but will be catastrophic to the poorer section of our society, mainly the disabled, elderly and our youngsters desperately seeking employment.


The CONDEM Government's vicious proposals verging on vindictiveness must be countered at all levels. This MARCH is our chance to demonstrate our anger and take an opportunity to condemn the injustice and unscrupulousness of this Government's punitive measures.

We must take every opportunity to oppose these proposals and now is the time before it is too late.

What we need right now are viable alternatives such as closing tax loopholes, the creation of more jobs and policies to create green growth.

This is a TUC organised event and comes at a time when everything we have worked for is now under threat.