Sunday, 9 October 2011



How will pensioners cope with Con-Dem cuts and policies?

Come to our Conference on Saturday 12th November from 10 a.m. to 4 SOMERS TOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE, 15O OSSULSTON STREET,KINGS CROSS Entrance £3 with Buffet Lunch provided.

Invited Speakers:

STEPHEN BENTON - London Councils and Freedom Pass

Prof. STEVE ILIFFE -Primary Care and Population Health

JAY GINN - Women's Pensions

Invitations have gone out to other prospective speakers including Ken Livingstone.

All welcome. Another year has passed since our last open Conference and still we soldier on. Come along and make your contribution. It is a chance to voice your anxieties,observations and comments, besides proposals affecting the ever increasing number of Pensioners in the UK.

We are told that we are all in this together, something we didn't need reminding of. Fuel poverty will be more widespread and the cost of basic foodstuffs spiralling. The NHS is undergoing significant changes, not all to the benefit of the elderly. We have plenty to speak about so come along and let us hear your voice.

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