Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jack Jones

Today is a very sad one for Pensioners nationwide. Last night, 21st April, this genuine and honest man passed away to what we hope will be a peaceful rest.

Jack Jones was a prime mover in the Pensioner movement and played a major role in the inception of the National Pensioners Convention. We are proud to say that Jack was a patron of this Association, the Greater London Pensioners Association.

His life was a dedication to the working man but more than this it was a dedication interwoven with compassion and decency and these qualities manifested, notably when taking up the issues and plight of Britain's pensioners.

He never stinted to use his voice and reputation on our behalf, although, like many great men, his innate honesty and uprightness often worked against him.

We understand he refused entry to the House of Lords because he wanted to keep his feet on the ground. He nevertheless maintained his goodwill and efforts and even though old age was making it more and more difficult, he still attended our rallies and marches when his failing health allowed. He supported us, he inspired us, he was a living example of what a public figure should be

So we thank this cheerful man who was our figurehead at all times. In the words of the song, which were his perennial wave of goodbye to us whenever we met, he kept right on to the end of the road.

We are sure there will be a light waiting for you. Farewell, Jack.

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