Wednesday, 12 November 2008


There is much distress being suffered by Pensioners throughout the country and this distress is not limited to Pensioners only; Mothers with benefits, the unemployed and Health Benefits are very much affected by the closure of Local and Main Post offices. Many old folk are having to travel miles to collect their pensions or arrange transport by car particularly where public transport does not operate at all as in most rural communities.

This is a callous disregard of the needs of the elderly and flies in the face of all government protestations of its concern that Pensioners should not suffer. They ARE suffering.

The Pension payout system has worked successfully for years but like so many other aspects and services of the Post Office has been re-jigged to suit the motives and agenda of Westminster.

Paying your TV licence or other bills is now being done through PAY POINTS. What is not generally known is that PAYPOINT is actually a private company- American. This is just another example of privatization being secretly ushered in. It seems quite clear that the Post Office is being deprived of its ability to serve the public on many fronts and this will of course, eventually result in this Institution's complete failure. The cry will be that it is no longer viable. If it is not a viable concern, then this is only because there has been a systematic run-down of its ability to function, and this run-down has been initiated, it seems, by the Government.

(Picture of anti-closure campaigner in the Potteries area)

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