Saturday, 1 November 2008


  1. People needing care should make sure of their situation if employing a female carer. That is, paying for the services of a woman; for if your carer should happily (for her) fall pregnant, we understand that the employer could become liable for payment of maternity benefit. While we have no certain information (at present) on this point, we do feel that vulnerable pensioners should check the position before arranging for paid care. Find out and be (a)ware!
  2. When applying for benefit of any kind, whether it be for maternity, disabled, attendance allowance or Council Tax or Housing benefit, it is worth noting that information stored in a computer can be subject to hacking or downloading by unscrupulous employees. Once this information is placed on a computer it is very hard to have it removed and/or deleted. So be aware that all your personal, private and financial details will have to be entered and are targets for downloading by fraudsters and other lawbreakers, and this applies particularly where identity fraud could be a potential hazard. Generally speaking your information is secure but the unexpected can happen so think carefully before disclosing your personal information to corporate bodies. Be(a)ware!

  3. UPDATE!!!THE PENSION STATUS OF A SINGLE LADY MARRYING - UPDATE!!!!! On checking with the Department for Work and Pensions, apparently a lady does not lose her single pension when marrying. The single pension is fixed and cannot be altered. However, if on marriage her pension does not amount to 60% of the joint income then she may be entitled to an increase so please ladies, check this out for yourselves to be quite sure of your rights. Indeed, it is worth a further check on your position if you then become a divorcee or widow. What do you gain? What do you lose? Be aware!

We have further learned that if when retirement arrives you are given the option of having your pension paid monthly or weekly, it is better to opt for a monthly payment because if you opt for a weekly payment and retire say on a Tuesday, then you lose that week's money until the Monday comes round when weekly pensions are paid. Several people have lost money this way. However when you pass away, if you die in the middle of the week then you benefit from the previous Monday. Again, check this out in case we have misunderstood the information the Department has passed on to us.


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