Monday, 31 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn 

This Association has declared its full support for Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party Jeremy has always defended Pensioners' rights and has used his standing in the House of Commons to speak up on our behalf. He has demonstrated many times his backing for our demands that Pensioners should receive a pension which ensures they live with dignity and which affords a comfortable life free from anxiety. He backs our campaign, together with that of the Fuel Poverty Group, that the elderly in this country should be able to keep warm and comfortable in the winter months without having to cut down on their outlay for food. We have never asked for extravagant amounts, merely an income which protects us from penury. We are grateful that he has laid out his objectives clearly and without fear or favour. Jeremy always lets his conscience dictate his policies. He has not descended into sniping at his rivals but has insisted upon a campaign which is honourable and upright. We applaud his abhorrence of nuclear weapons and Trident and are pleased to note his opposition to zero hours contracts, student grant cuts, and the cutting of disability benefit together with his promotion for a sensible, decent living wage. He has spoken more clearly than his rivals have on matters of national and local concern. We wish him well. A victory for him is a victory for us.

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