Sunday, 17 June 2012


The other day the Writer answered her front door to find a chap purporting to represent the charity for Air ambulance. It appeared to be a perfectly genuine enquiry with the chap wearing identification tag and carrying a clipboard.

He wanted to obtain donations for this Charity's lottery which seemed perfectly O.K. However he presented the Writer with a form which required the donee to insert their Bank Account number and Sort Code.

On no account should these details be handed over, no matter how genuine the caller may seem. He was offered money and the alternative of the donee contacting her own bank to make arrangements for a transfer to the Charity's Bank but he refused the suggestion. Again, it seemed perfectly logical that he wished to gain support this way rather than receiving direct cash at the door, or his bank receiving authorisaton from the would-be donee.

No charity should expect any individual to present a stranger with details of their financial affairs so please do not give away your bank details or indeed any other information relating to your finances.

Neither should you hand over details on the telephone, not even to your own Bank for it is becoming a regular con trick for scamps and rogues to listen in. There are now all means and tricks of listening in and if you ever need to disclose your Bank details, they should only ever be given by you in person to your Bank and even your Bank would not request details of your pin number.

So remember: keep your account number, sort code number and pin number to youself alone and NEVER be tempted to write them down on any form presented at your doorstep or requested over the telephone.

There are some wicked people about. You never have to pass this information to anyone at any time unless it is by you in person at your own Bank.

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