Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Pennies matter for many

What a description for an infamous proposal. Any pensioner whose income does not exceed £10,000 should never be taxed. Indeed this unconscionable method of collecting money from the elderly has been in force for too long. A pension is supposed to protect those no longer able to work from penury in their old age. IT IS NOT AND SHOULD NEVER BE A TARGET for tax. To tax the helpless elderly is cowardly, iniquitous and immoral.

Obviously, we are not talking of the Retired Chairman of British Gas and all the other Fred Goodwins who wouldn't miss a spot of tax but of people who spend their lives budgeting, scrimping and saving merely to get along by keeping warm and able to buy a moderate amount of food to keep them well, let alone over-indulgence.

Mr. David Davis said on "Question Time" that the pensioner was, under these proposals, only losing about £63 per year. Where has he been living all this time? The half-year water rate for one person was £81 so Mr. Davis' £63 leaves the householder £9 short. Added to this the rising fuel costs levied in utility bills, the rise in meat and bread prices, not to mention milk, leaves most of the elderly scratching their heads and quite often sick with worry.

Of course £63 to Mr. Davis and his friends equates to one meal at Simpsons or the Savoy, a taxi fare, a bottle of wine and a generous tip so of course, £63 to the likes of Mr. Davis is chicken feed.

We hear today (10th April 2012) that Mr. Osborne is "shocked" to learn that many people only pay about 10% tax. Perhaps he should find out a bit more and get his finger out and if he genuinely is not aware of certain sections of our society only paying 10% tax then he ought to and most certainly should not be Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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