Monday, 18 October 2010

Pensioners Conference - 6th November 2010

Now more than ever we must make our anxieties known and shared with the Trades Unions. This is the annual event held at Somers Town Community Centre when we can speak, offer advice to those Union members not yet pensioners and urge them to use their powers to protect the elderly and disabled.

We have a number of speakers and hope to have our old friends from the Unions speak to us.

Our future is not so certain now we have a Government determined to make drastic cuts and so this is a good time to remind you all that the PENSION must NEVER be referred to as a benefit. It is a right and an entitlement which cannot be treated by tinkering and reducing, or worse, means testing. As such right, it can never be lumped together with other benefits making it vulnerable to the callous cuts now contemplated for other benefits.

Benefits may be subject to these cuts but the Pension should be immune to any tricks the Government wishes to perform with it. Make sure you correct anyone who refers to our Pension as a benefit. IT IS NOT.

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