Monday, 9 March 2009

Pensioners' Parliament

The 17th National Pensioners' Parliament is scheduled for 2nd to 4th June (inclusive) 2009 and will be held at Blackpool, Winter Gardens.

The programme includes "Question Time" with Prof Alan Walker (Chair), Nigel Waterson (Con), Rosie Winterton (Lab), Paul Rowen (Lib Dem) and Joe Harris (NPC).

Debates for Wednesday cover 'Age Equality', 'Pensioners and the General Election' and 'Understanding Local Area Agreements'. Also scheduled for Wednesday is a discussion on 'Dignity in Care' - Holding NHS to account and the role of Links, Pensioners and the economy.

After close of sessions at 7pm. there is social evening with The Bachelors.

Workshops on Thursday include 'Building Pensioner Movement', the ongoing campaign for free travel and working with the media.  Speeches are from: Sir Michael Parkinson (Care Ambassador), Rodney Bickerstaffe and Sarah Stone (Deputy Commissioner for Older People in Wales).

Get in touch with your local organisation and/or the NPC.   The GLPA office is always ready to help with details.

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